Outdoor Marijuana
Outdoor Marijuana
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There are a lot of benefits to growing marijuana outside. The plants have more room to grow and there is plenty of sunlight for the plants to use to grow. The soil does not need to be moved when growing marijuana outside and rain can help to decrease the chances of needing to water the cannabis plants. There are dangers to growing the marijuana outside though, as well. These dangers come in the form of pests and people who would attempt to steal the crop. It s important that if one is going to grow marijuana outside that he takes all of the necessary precautions to keep the plants and the general public safe throughout the growing and cultivation phase of the plants. Otherwise, significant losses could be felt for the grower and the public could be in danger of an influx of illegal marijuana.

Some marijuana brands and breeds grow better outdoors than indoors. These marijuana plants tend to grow wider leaves and grow significantly taller than the indoor versions of the weed. This makes them difficult to grow indoors and difficult to cultivate properly if the right amount of room is not given to the marijuana plants. By growing the weed outdoors, the plants are able to get the room that they need. The power consumed by the farm growing the marijuana is also reduced because the plants are then able to use natural sunlight, rather than high powered, full spectrum bulbs. The plants are also able to enjoy the rain water and the soil will retain water longer for the plants since the plants will be able to send their roots lower and tap into the moist soil below them.

There are other benefits of growing marijuana outside, and this comes in the form of creating a place to grow the pot plants. When attempting to grow plants as large as marijuana plants indoors, there has to be changes to the construction of the home or property. Floors need to be reinforced; ceilings may need to be made higher and higher voltage limits need to be created to support the lighting systems. The floors also have to made water proof, and water damage has to be prevented. An area with ample air circulation needs to be created, so basements are actually not ideal for growing marijuana indoors. This is all before the dirt and planting material can be brought in to plant the seeds and grow the marijuana plants.
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